NTC!! What should be the strategy in these kinds of situations? Hold more such that one such broker accumulates more and more and sell when it starts selling or the opposite? But isn’t NTC way too big for cornering?

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  1. I read somewhere that ntc starts its rally during october November due to rumors of bonus share, i checked the charts and last year we had the same rally to ath during that time. Personally I dont think ntc would be giving bonus shares but who knows, these big whales have every ounce of insider information that exists in the market.

    I was eyeing ntc when it went below 1000, the company is trading around 2 times the book value and was undervalued but i didnt buy it and watched it hit circuit after circuit.

  2. The thing is, yes it has huge no. of shares but most of it is promotor’s (government) and just 8.48% is public holding.

    quick comparison with MLBL:

    8.48% of 150,000,000 (NTC total shares) = 12,720,000

    49% of 33,424,028 (MLBL total shares) = 16,377,773

    So not that huge supply as people think.

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