I am new to the share market of Nepal. Can you people give me some ideas about what to do and what not to be done. A small tips from you can really help me learning about it❤

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  1. Investing in nepse is pure play. No short selling, no leveraged products, no mortgage backed securities, no penny stocks, no bonds (only debentures) …. therefore less shocks to the market. Not linked to international market so the international financial crisis of 2008 did not affect the Nepse.

  2. Close your eyes and just buy IPO and 4 or 5 blue chips and continue add small amounts every once a week. Be disciplined about it. Investment horizon should be long 20 years or more

  3. Read up. Look at YouTube videos. Keep your ears on the ground. If you want to be a full time trader then youll need to learn TA. Natra basics tha bhaye huncha. But first understand the diff between trading and investing. Also keep in mind profit ni huncha loss ni huncha. Diversify. Dherai cha. Haha. Check out Warren buffet and other ko videos. Basically just keeps your eyes and ears open be smart not emotional.

  4. Don’t take buy/sell advice from reddit.

    Check reputable website’s for information, find out what type of investor you want to be, read books.

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