2 months ago I saw an ipo of NIC30 mutual funds in meroshare and bought 200 shares at 10 rs per share. (total 2000Rs)
Now nepse is going down i sold my shares at loss 9.57 per share
so i thought i would get 9.57 * 200 = 1914Rs
and since i sold it in loss i would get no tax
but my broker paid me 1878 Rs
why was 36Rs cut???? . just want to know what % is being cutoff and what goes to whom.
And this is my first time selling share☺️
mine is 22 no broker

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  1. Sold units = 200

    Selling price = 9.57rs

    Capital Gains Tax = 0

    Brokerage Commission = 0.15%

    Sebon fees = 0.015%

    DP charge = 25rs

    You do the calculation.

  2. Broker should give you the breakdown in sale receipt by email explaining all the charges whether it be broker commission, capital gain tax, sebon fees, Depository participant fees.. whichever applicable to you. Otherwise you can look into your TMS account in fund management, fund settlement, sell information and you can find the details

  3. Except Capital Gain Tax you have to pay everything else like broker commission etc even when you are at loss

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