If you follow floorsheet closely aaja ko, broker 20 sold shares in first hour ani last ko 2min ma massive buy order place garyo just to maintain the price range. So just be careful

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  1. Aja ni -7 bata last min tira +10. Pauxa ra esto manipulate grna vnya….broker 20 le uthaxa last min ma sabai ani circuit lagaxa. K ho khai sebon le kei action ta lina parne ho k re. Huna ta yei chalkhel bata ali ali vaye ni faida chai ayo lol.

  2. My experience with ICFC:
    I bought 60 kitta of icfc when sherbahadur became PM at around 570. Market was going up till morning and it was down after the news. So I took the chance and bought it as I had heard (congress ko sarkaar is good for share market and to buy share when other are panicking). My profit was 100 or so in few days and I thought of selling but was not able to as I was preoccupied with other tasks. And after sometime it suddenly started soaring. There was no good news to back it. I thought some insider trading was going on and good news (right share) or something will come eventually. But nothing as such happened even after 2 weeks.

    Then I started looking what happens in the market of ICFC and saw that market is normal for the whole day and at the end like 2:55 pm broker 20 makes huge buy orders to close the market at circuit level. I thought of riding the bull and got greedy. Eventually last week nepse reached dangerous position (as per my view with hydro bubble) and I decided to sell it. I placed the order at 1030 and market was going on like 1000 till 12 pm. After that huge orders like 7 lakh kitta was placed in buy order at 1010. Market started operating above that level.

    At around 1 pm the huge order started moving up like 1020, then 1030 and so on. I was fixed to my laptop and started increasing value for my order keeping gap of 10 to 15 Rs above the highest buyer.

    But around 2 pm the 7 lakh kitta order suddenly disappeared from the buy list. The market started crashing from like 1070 to 1030 in a single minute. To add to my shock I saw huge volume like 3 lakh kitta at the sellers list now. I panicked and placed order at 1030 and sold it at that price. I had had enough and didn’t look at the market that day.

    I looked at the market the next day saw it closed at like 1090. Same thing happened that day too. Market reached around 1000 and to 1090 in that last half an hour.

    PS. This was my first trading experience otherwise I had only bought shares for long term. Lesson well learnt.

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