Times are hard right now in terms of investment. Stock market has taken quite a hit in the recent months and to people who have recently entered the market it might look like the end but as someone who has experienced previous bear runs all i can say is dont lose hope….things will get better …might take time but it will get better…its very important to take care of your mental health during these times..if you are getting depressed due to your losses i would advice to talk to your family and friends to take your mind off your losses…remember mental health is way more important than your wealth.. stock market will always give you an opportunity to earn back your money.

Take care everyone

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  1. I got in pretty late in the secondary market too. I never invested in these hyped/cornered stocks and invested gradually over time on good stocks throughout the different sectors. But I am at a loss too, 20-30% on some scrips. The only thing keeping me sane is that I believe these scrips will earn their keep overtime.

    My only dilemma is should I average down or just hold for the long run. I will soon run out of cash if I average down. The number one lesson learnt throughout this last year is that – when you have profit, book a certain % of it.

  2. My key rules

    1. Never invest if you cant hold.
    2. Never invest by taking loan/browning money from other.
    3. Never Invest 100% of total sum you have.

  3. I entered at wrong time. I have already lost 15K and as a student, that kinda hurts because I just wanted to make a few thousands bucks so that I could relieve some financial burden for my parents. I have bought a few stocks at their all time high. Dunno when I’ll be able to recover them.

    But yeah, I’ll Iearn from my mistakes and won’t give up. I talked to my cousin who guides me. He said, “K bhayo ta 15K loss vayera? Ghar jadaina, jagga jadaina. Have patience, kinney bela aayepaxi we’ll buy but don’t give up.”

    So yeah, let’s have patience and not listen to those fake stock market experts who probably have sold all of their stocks and now are tryna spread negative news.

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