I bought 50 kitta of ahpc since it announced 50% right share if the price increases should i sell it or hold for future profit and how much will i have to hold any one with experience plz let me know

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  1. Yes but news ko voli palta chai nakinnu.. 3-4 days wait gara and tesko news ma bechchu vanne manche haru le bechisakesi balla kinnu for example if you buy czbil tommorow cause of today’s news u would jave to pay 430sth but if u buy after 3-4 days u could get on 390 sth probably

  2. If you get at the right price, then you should. But buying at the peak prices are pretty much risky.
    How do you find out if it’s the right price or not?
    Check price history, sector trends, eps/pe, etc.

  3. If anyone holds, it’s with anticipation that the price will eventually increase after adjustment during the bull market. It usually does but not always.You can either set your target and sell at peak (generally book close day) or hold if you think its price will eventually increase.

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