Considering the whole NRB situation, I don’t think BIG money will ever enter the market again as the rise in market was due to aggressive buying through loans and short term trades,
So what’s next? Will we ever see a great uptrend ? Is the whole market now going to be minor bounce back in between and back to falling down ?

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  1. Once the budget is released and everyone gets dashain bonus very minor encouragment either from regulatory bodies or other means is all will be required and that might be an end of a beautiful bullish run until the election money starts coming from next year.

  2. I don’t think keeping your capital in FD going to do any good to you.

    Remember Banks doest give interest rate more than inflation in the country .


    Investing long term in blue-chip companies can be a good choice.

  3. yo 4-12 ko effect hoena jasto lagchha. This recent dip is more to do with liquidity problem in the market or at least the fear invoked by the deplating cash flow into the market.

    4-12 will discourage cornering practices in my opinion. And, I don’t think this bull* will be over anytime soon…

    Normal investors can take a loan of up to 12 corads if needed. And, there are +20 lakhs of them. So, effect of 4-12 is exaggerated by those who are in pain now. Fuckers have been cornering the finance companies… now crying in the streets with all kinds of demands to make their rally more inclusive.

    Well… since their demand is wide-ranging, it’s impossible not to samarthan janauna uniharulai but we also kinda know that it’s just their dekhaune daat.

    *However, this bull will be over if interest rates keep going up. And, one banker (banker association ko chief hoki I forgot the name and title) was of the opinion that current liquidity problem will be over in aasun and might recur in Poush. So…

  4. Bearish phase will start soon but market won’t return to pre-pandemic level. I think bull/bearish phase will be shorter. People won’t have to wait 4-5 year to complete bull or, bear phase like before.

    For short term, once budget holding stop, bonus season start & remittance inflow increase for festive season, big investor will try to pump the market to release their holding. If that happens, then that would be perfect time for us to book profit and plan for next strategy.

    If market keeps on dropping, then buys little & consistently. No one knows by how much will market rise or drop. Happy investing!!!!

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