I have few lakh spare for now , so i want to invest while market is down but not for long term. I want the script which will return maximum profit once the next bull will kick in.

I can hold them up to 4-5 months(max) to get higher return but don’t want to hold longer than that.

More at: r/NepalStock by arandomnepali

  1. You wanna invest for 4-5 months and only at the end of that period, you wanna sell or you are eyeing for any ups so as to sell your holdings regardless of that time period?

    If you wanna freeze your money for 4-5 months, I think fixed deposits would be great. If you wanna take a high risk, GUFL.

    If you wanna play safe, which I don’t think you are looking at at the moment, you can invest on some banks (e.g. PCBL) hoping that market will go up in coming months.

    I would invest in PCBL and NUBL if I have had money right now.

  2. go for microfinances. they’re the only ones with high ROE. most of them have above 20% and now good micros have PE below 30 (bonus adjusted PE), which I think is pretty awesome for this sector. Choose some low cap, high growth micro. Buy 40% now and other 30-30 mid poush and after 2nd qtr report.

  3. Go for development banks. I perfer MNBBL/GBBL as high cap and MDB as a low cap. Finance to consider is JFL. If you can estimate the bottom AKPL is good from hydros and ULI from the life insurance sector. PRVU/SBL/NICA from bank. These are for a year

    For a longer frame you need to consider other factors as well.. and change strategies accordingly..

    I own : GBBL/MDB/ULI/JFL

  4. Too early to suggest anything, first step is market stabilization then after we can search for stocks that shows the most promise.

  5. I seriously think you cannot make any money in 4-5 months in the share market. Investing in nepse is a long term play with clear cut strategy of dollar cost averaging

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