Hi guys, I recently opened mero share account and have planned to open a broker account and join the secondary market. I am a beginner in this field. So, what suggestions do you wanna give who wanna join Nepal stock market. And please also suggest any websites or YouTube channels where i can get latest news and information to learn more about nepal stock market.

PS: I am planning to invest around 50k.

More at: r/NepalStock by Alokacharya

  1. Candlestick meaning and its types and indication and breaking the candle

    Trend and trend analysis

    Volume and volume analysis

    Candlestick patterns

    Candlestick patterns that often validate in nepse

    Fundamental behind the candlestick pattern in a specific pattern in nepse

    Wykoff theory and how does it execute in our index

    Know these first ….

    Sentiment analysis

    Volume trading styles

    Circulation of stock

    Then basis of indicators

    Trading with indicators


    Management :

    Stock selection

    Money management

    Long short diversification

    Risk management

    Loss overcome strategies

    Profit maximization

    Elliot wave theory

    Fundament analysis

  2. 1. buy 5000rs worth of mutual funds.
    2. wait and see
    3. buy again 5000rs worth of mutual funds after a week from your initial purchase.
    4. wait and see
    5. buy again 5000rs worth of mutual funds one week apart.
    6. engage in forums and various investment groups all the while

    at this stage, more info will only confuse you. go with the basics only. read news from sharesansar, merolagani, meropaisa. try to see charts also from nepsealpha for basic info at this stage.

  3. Learn these :

    1. Candle sticks

    2. Volume analysis

    3. RSI

    4. MACD

    5. Trend analysis

    6. Bollinger bands

    7. Fibonacci retracement.

  4. Tips for beginners
    Try to explore and learn about markets
    Find what’s your style trading and investing
    Learn both fundamental and technical analysis
    Start with small amount and keep increasing as you succeed
    For news follow sharesansaar merolagani
    For youtube follow
    Grow more
    Raju poudrl
    Bipin kandel
    Laganiko sagar
    Subash karki

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