August 30 I opened my TMS account and in September 1 I tried loading the collateral of RS. 5000 for testing purpose because I’m new and I wanted to test how it works and next day I asked for collateral refund and I had to call them 5 times a day for three days because they wouldn’t resolve my issue and yesterday (September 6) they returned my money out of the blue and I was happy and frustrated at the same time and again after 5 minutes they again send me RS. 5000. They sent me RS. 10000 in total and my TMS is still showing RS. 5000 available collateral, and I have already used that RS. 10000 to buy shares. I am again thinking of calling my broker to ask for a refund that is showing in my TMS but I am scared that if they find about their wrong transaction they’ll ask for refund and I don’t have a penny left to give to them.

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  1. tyo kura choodeu bro… collateral broker ley afai halda cha ekai choti 40k yeha .. from 10k and available is 54k now… TMS is broken atm

  2. This is now how it works.
    You’ll have to pay the money they gave accidentally after you buy share or after you sell they will automatically cut it. It’s like a bank they have all your records of but sell collateral deposited. Don’t be too happy.

    You can’t close your account. And for collateral. Broker give you collateral without uploading any money.
    I have 10 lakhs limit before I have to call broker for increasing my collateral.

  3. There is nothing wrong with your broker. You will pay all you owe or maybe even more. It’s the buggy TMS that’s making you “happy” momentarily.

  4. I am also new. Today I brought a share. I got message to pay for it to avoid penalty. I have already added collateral so do I need to do anything now?

  5. Yo sab hisab kitab mikauchha tiniharule. Tms ma dekhine sanga matlab bhayena uniharuko ledgerma k chha tyesma bhar parchha. A broker will rarely if ever make such mistake. Hisab settle garda they will call you.
    Mero brokerle 20 lakh samma kinna dinchha malai without any collateral. Asti sabai 10 percent ghatda average garna kaam lagyo. Bholi palta 10 percent plus ma tyei share bechdiye. Hisab settle bhayo.
    Yo sab hisabkitab ledger ma hunchha which you can ask to see anytime if needed.

  6. I thought you had that 10000rs in your bank account. 👀

    Nah. They have a ledger. They will find out sooner or later. However, by the looks of it, what has happened here is that you have got the leverage from your broker.

    Lots of big players not only buy shares on loans but also use leverges of goodwill i.e. brokers buy their clients shares with their own money (it’s just binaries in the computer at this stage🤑🤑). And, come Ashad, brokers collect the money because they have to close their books 🥁

    Since you are to the market, you will understand such stuffs later 🤗

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