I am new to nepse. Could u guys plz tell me how long it takes for an order to get filled(i.e I want to buy 3 lakhs of xyz stock)

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  1. Just to give you a picture, e.g. if I am buying Nabil stocks worth of 3 lakhs regardless of whatever price sellers are selling, then my buy order on any given day will probably get filled in a second.

    There are many factors at play here.

    1. Nabil: Since it has a huge quantity of stocks in circulation, there’s always enough stocks to buy and sell but what if the company in question is small, whose stocks aren’t in circulation that much? There are a stock or two, whose shares are rarely bought and sold even in a week’s time. So, in order to get an informed answer, you gotta define what xyz stock would be!
    2. 3 lakhs: For stocks that of Nabil and other big companies that have hundreds of thousands of shares in circulation at any given day, 3 lakhs worth of shares is peanuts, which means buy order will be filled in seconds if the price is okay.
    3. Price: Buy orders will be met only when the price is right regardless of how many shares are on the selling side. If you are willing to buy stocks at a price lower than what’s on the supply side, then your buy order will be behind other buyers’ orders. So, be specific at what price range are you planning to buy the stocks.

    This is just one type of buy order that I am talking about.

    Your question might sound simple to you but it’s very vague due to the nature of how market operates or if I were to blame you, how you asked the question. So, be specific!

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