The value is going down daily.

For me, i will wait 5 years if i have to, m never selling the stocks i hold at a loss.

Whats ur plan?

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  1. I have a few stocks with strong fundamentals, so I’m holding on to them. I never bought them for trading anyways.

  2. Dashain Tihar discount offer ma Stock Buy garney ho ane Magh-Falgun tira sell gari Naya DSLR liney ho- That’s my plan ????????

  3. Dont buy shares for averaging for sectors except for banking and microfinance as their dividend announcement are near. Buy Strong banks and microfinance in this dip. Hope tomorrow is a green day

  4. Dashain discount offer ma shares pauda kinne honi
    Hold garne ho trade garne stocks ta bechisakiyo except 1 script herum k huncha

  5. yasta ups and downs ta vai rahanchha ho. This is a stock market. If you have bad stocks on yoru portfolio, stop-loss gardai exit. Baki stocks hold.

    And, I ain’t selling a single stock even though Jyoti life in particular has caused a heavy loss. Let’s see in 5 years.

  6. Stock I have bought are well performing companies and also havenot made big announcement yet until then hodl and bleed but after that we rising bro

  7. Keep on DCA buying shares of Commercial banks, dev banks, microfinance, Life-Non Life Insurance companies with strong fundamentals.

  8. I believe the market has started bear trends. The recent event from NRB completely changed the cycle of NEPSE. The bull run was forcely shutdown because of the bubble it might create. If you don’t sell you are never at loss. The market will go up some points. But for people who make their living through share bazar they have to find other option. The market will decrease for some time.

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