I believe in a concept, Time in a market beats timing the market. I have lost lots of money trading(small profit in 1 lakhs), looking back only if I had held those stocks I would have multiplied five times more. In the long run, Investment always wins.

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  1. 1dmat for trading 1 for investing
    Good companies ma invest garne
    Any companies with good technical signals ma trade garne

  2. 1. good company.
    2. know the market sentiment or some technical analysis e.g. RSI, elliot wave (gotta learn more about this one) to time the entry into the market
    3. After that, hold for years.
    4. Exit from market just like in 2.

    So, during this Sunday’s dip, I added a few more SICLs.

    1. good company checked
    2. market sentiment checked
    3. hold for years (at least until they announce right shares)
    4. see 3.

    so, I seem to follow what I preach 😀

    and, yes, **Time in a market beats timing the market in case of good companies.**

  3. Value Investing is a hard thing to learn as it requires you to have good knowledge of multiple subjects- account, finance, economy, statistics, the specific business sector and to an extent psychology! The theory of Technical analysis is comparatively easier to learn, but you do need to practice and implement it for quite some time inorder to make consistent profits and to build confidence in your own analysis. I’ve been a keen learner of value investing on and off since 2019, but have barely scratched the surface. On the other hand, I bought merolagani’s course on Technical Analysis 2 months ago and have already finished learning much of what there is, but I still have a long way to go in terms of implementation and converting the learning to actual profits!

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