NMB Capital Limited has published the NAV Report of its funds till Magh, 2078.

NMB Hybrid Fund L-1 (NMBHF-1)‘s NAV has fallen to Rs. 14.82 in the month of Magh compared to NAV of the previous month of Rs. 15.08.

The scheme, which began with a fund size of Rs.1 Arba, has invested Rs. 68.62 crores in listed shares and Rs. 7.55 crores in the public issue, right shares, and bonus shares. The fund has invested Rs. 35.63 crores in bonds and debentures.

The scheme has kept Rs. 15 crores in fixed deposits and has Rs. 21.45 crores as a bank balance.

The net loss till the end of Magh month is Rs. 69.56 lakhs. In the previous month, there was a net profit of Rs. 1.82 crores.


NMB 50 (NMB50), another 7-year…

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