yo… arkako kura sunera trade garne haru dekhi achamma lagchha.

*malai ta kata kata yo market down vayeko thikai ho jasto lagchha.* at least they will learn something.

And, I am saying this even when I am suffering the loss myself. However, I know and I believe that the stocks that I have will keep giving me good returns for years, yo bazar ko ups and downs le kehi farak pardaina.

Bishnu Bashyal, one of the known TAs of our market, according to him: **raatko nid nai haram hune gari kina trade garnu?** Akhir trade nai garne ho vane, ali research garau, stop-loss k ho tyo bujhau.

Hope this dip will make people realize that arkko kura sunera… overnight mala mal hune sapana is a journey too full of risks.

Last ma hopefully market will rebound after Dashain-Tiher!!!

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  1. Ek crash kaye pachi matra sikchan

    I had to go through 2017 18 crash to understand most of the analyst don’t know shit and I can only rely on myself

    This bull market I haven’t had a loosing trade and Iam completely out of the market now after I x4 my money.

    People trading right now will learn the hard way like I did

  2. I agree. My parents and siblings have made heavy losses. I had continuously warned them to sell off . They thought that they could understand stock market by watching Television and listening to rumors. At least they have been humbled.

  3. Very optimistic tapai! Haha.
    Hitler ko paxi tw lage manxe alikati ramrari boldinus 4-5 jana lai ho ho vanna lagaunus emotionally kura garnus ma nei follow gardinxu tapailai.
    Bbc 10000 pugxa vanera 8210 ma kineko maile nei ho. Haha
    Euta ko loss bina arko ko gain hudeina hola.

    Edit: the last line is contextual. I do understand that everyone can benefit from stock market. I am referring to speculative aaru le vaneko wala stock haru with an assumption the fundamentals does not change substantially. Bbc ko case ma paid up value dherei badyo vane the price could get to even 400-500 which is now around 5000. Once again my apologies!

  4. yestai ho hajur hydro finance bubble ho bhanera 4 5 choti post gare hola teyi pani khola ma pani badyo, right share aaucha, 20% bonus dina thalisakyo, 1 maina agadi teyi bhanthe aile 50% badi sakyo, pailako jasto situation chaina aile sable profit banauchan bhanthe aile k gari rachan hola kunni

    ani asti tetro dead crossover banayo aba ta niskinu bhanda pani ema matrai herchau bro? bhanera sodthe aba arko bull ma chai sikun ramro sanga.

  5. People did not learn in 2018-2019…people will not learn in the future…..the problem is way too many poeple have entered the market in the last one year with absolute no knowledge about the market…all these people have been investing/trading based on what they hear on social media….these are the people that are absolutely freaking out as they had no idea about the risks and the fact that you can lose money in the stock market…

  6. No one is learning for sure. Once market started to be green everybody is going to follow same pattern.

    My friend, CA, had bought STC @10900 and he tried to stop loss but his group didn’t allowed and he holded blindly.

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