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  1. What do you think about stock market *bishleshaks* in Nepal? I’m not talking about those random *youtubeys* but professionals in this area.

    Like, there’s one guy, Bishnu Prasad Basyal, who keeps harping about NEPSE crushing 5000. For that to materialize, the volume has to be consistently on a higher side. Fundamentally strong companies have to grow.

    Lots of new retail investors/traders simply want quick bucks. *25 din mein paisa double* types. That’s also why there’s a lot of panic amongst them today.

    When you listen to or read about Buffet, Munger, Lynch, Bogle, etc., you really get good insights. Their critical analysis shines through. With these Nepali *bishleshaks,* their analysis is really shallow. They only state the obvious or try to sell dreams like a random, “financial guru,” on Twitter. At least, that’s my understanding.

    Thoughts on this, folks?

  2. Aaja market ma 2 bajey pachi kina sudeen fall bhako hola. Plus last hour ani last 5 min ma ni volume badhi ako cha

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