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  1. Does SBL have some intrinsic flaws or is it becoming an underrated security?

    When talking about commercial banks, you see loads of people mention PCBL, Prabhu, Sanima, Global bank, etc., excluding Nabil and NICA of course, but you don’t see SBL get a whole lot of mentions.

  2. A noob question:

    Is it legal for ministers, top government officials in Nepal to invest in the stock market while they’re still in power?

  3. I think lots of funny money (illegal money in cores earned during the pandemic of 2020, 2021) entered the stock market pushing the Nepse to the moon is now leaving the market as white money to buy real estate. That’s would one of the reasons why the Nepse is bear territory. I have no proof but that’s my simple take

  4. What’s with this no vote campaign,and resurrecting the 4/12 issue again ,ignore these stupid fuckers they’re acting in their own interest,’panic’ is something they’re too good in creating ,previously the rally against NRB ,’ansan’ and all their media house friends supporting them with their biased headlines

    Overall the market seems down,no one to blame but all these millions bucks compensation package paid CEOs not managing the excess liquidity it had few months back and resulting in this kind of stupid liquidity problem nearly leading to interest wars ,I don’t even even know how all these CEOs earn so much when they can’t even manage a basic thing such as liquidity.

    Chaiya bela 15% byaj ma paisa liyo,nachaine bela 2% ma paisa liyo,stupid fucks haru lai money management bhanne kura thachaina

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