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  1. For discussion’s sakes, only sectors that haven’t grown exponentially are commercial banks, development banks (to a lesser extent), and hotels (understandable in the current Covid environment). I don’t have much knowledge about the hotel sector, so I don’t know how it works in Nepal’s context.

    Does that mean, for investing purposes, they’re still the best bets in this market?

    We have microfinances that have hit all-time highs. Most hydros are over-performing. Some top finances have grown exponentially.

    General notion in bullish market suggests that a company or sector that hits higher highs could go further up. That’s when liquidity isn’t an issue, or when overarching policies support the market.

    My understanding is that most companies in non-life insurances, micros, hydros, etc., have seen all-time highs. I still think people are sleeping on the non-life insurance sector. Unlike micros, insurances have a traditional stream of income. It’s also a sector that’s sustainable in the long run. In contrast, however, life insurances have been sluggish.

    For most indexes, however, underlying metrics seems unsustainable for investments in most sectors.

    Hydros and financial institutions *should be* Nepal’s best sectors for obvious reasons. As Nepalis becomes more financial savvy, insurances should be another growing area.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t expect commercial banks to hit previous highs. While it might be the safest bet, *kheladis* with multi-crores and arabs at their disposal would find it a tad hassling than to manipulate stocks of other companies and sectors. So, I think it’s the last resort in today’s bullish market.

    I’ve seen a lot of hands burnt when people entered the previous bull and bought stocks at or around all-time highs. Any stock above 1000 and I’m skeptical. Not for trading of course. But in Nepal, even trading usually has a time-frame of 8-16 weeks. Generally.

    Thought it’s worth discussing. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

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