The interest rate is still high and 4-12 loan limit is still valid. So is it a temporary or false breakout?

If I am not mistaken, banks can and most likely raise interest by 10% by next month.

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  1. Most likely the bug investors have sensed some supportive signs from NRB as the monetary policy will be reviewed in a few weeks. But this is just speculation.
    The market is always volatile and nobody can predict what is going to happen. If I were sure of what I just said in the first line, I would aggressively be buying the scripts right now, but I am not. Haha.

  2. []( my hypothesis is thulo player haru kasaile exit gareko nai chaina ramro sanga yo news ma bhayeko data herda,jhan thulo topi lagako chan thulo le jun money short term ko lagi chireko thiyo market ma jasle 2600 bata aggressive 3200 purayo teyo money chai completely exit bhayera jun business(hotel,real estate tourism housing, industry etc) ma janu parne ho gayeko cha.

    aba 2600-3200 ma kinne player haru baki chan market ma ani tine haru sanga aba kinne paisa chaina due all sort of interest rate loan cap liquidity crunch,etc ani 1200-2000 ma kineko haru le naya money chai deploy gardainan market ma aba they are not stupid people to buy high volume at high valuation.

    retailor haru sanga ta paisa nai chaina market badaune dekhiyeko nai ho 2 3 arba ko karobar huncha market ghateko bela ma. Right now yo loan liyeko manche haru lai kasari afno leverage position exit garne matrai huncha dimag ma so they are trying all these media ma aayera kinnu bhanne andolan garne bonus khanu right aaucha type ko cheap tricks to exit easily.yeni haru lai kati index sanga matlab hudaina loan pay garne turnover aaye pugcha

    what we can do is trade with small position and exit with small profit(15-25%) sooner or later they will try to dump their holding be careful yedi yo loan line haru panic bhayo bhane market ta jhan danger huna sakcha.

  3. Recently, NRB’s spokeperson said that they won’t let interest rate hike up drastically. Then, decision to reverse interest rate was made. I personally think that it was a bad decision by NRB. NRB should have created/revise policies instead of doing such a bold move which can be interpreted as “NRB is controlling free market”. IMF & American embassy also critisize this decision.

    The U-turn is reaction to that decision made by NRB. I think this uptrend is only for short term. I’ll consider this to be final bull before the bearish phase start. Bank not collecting enough money, remittance dropping, trade deficit is rising, bank are lending more than they can handle, government spending decreasing etc. These are not good sign for market.

    I’m planning on profit booking in comming days & will wait for a bit before re-investing in the market.

  4. There is no evidence market has made a U-Turn …. This might be just a reaction to some kind of a positive news regarding the interest rates and the end of dasain….We have seen a few large green candles followed by multiple red candles during this downtrend so i am still skeptical

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