Why the market is not bouncing back? It’s been quite a while that many of us are expecting the markets to move to bullish trend . But the market seems to go in the opposite flow. Is it the starting of the bearish trend? Should we hold up or sell? This has made most of us either sell to the current value and minimize the losses or to wait for some period of time. It’s growing up the pain and pressure!!

Why the market is behaving like this? Is it due to the interest rates issued by NRB or We are heading toward a politically unstable situation? Also, the opening of lockdown has made some impact? How are you handling up the losses in this scenario?

How market could be revived from this situation??

(As of writing the market is 2511.08 with a fall of 76.97 points)

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  1. Volume so far does not paint a very grim picture. 1 month ago, this level was already forecasted by most TAs as the bottom of the correction. Moreover, 95% of the transactions are for less than 200 units, meaning there are more retail investors selling their shares than the big players. However, does this mean the correction is over and market will bounce back from tomorrow? Most probably not, sideways highly possible in this zone. In the meantime, it might be beneficial to continue to monitor the market and grab good companies at rock bottom pricing. Some banks have come around 15 PE, with good dividends from last year pending. (Dashain – Tihar sale?)

  2. >banks increasing rate in deposit from 7-12
    >huge amount of money were borrowed when interest was around 8-8.50 and was invested in stock.
    >interest in those loan has increased by around 2%. This added panic and sell pressure. cause last time when interest on fd was around 9.75, interest on loan was around 13, even 15. now some banks are giving 10.50-11.50.

  3. At this level the price you sell at is at loss situation. Every pf is down. Everyone’s except for those who sold at the the top. Best strategy for now is to recover loss. If you have cash you can recover by the volatile scripts and if you don’t have book some losses from the non volatile scripts and recover those losses but be careful. But if you have guts hold on to your stocks. We have a long way to go

  4. My strategy is just sit back and relax….no point in worrying about the market which you cannot control…been through this before and will get through this again

  5. Personal choice:

    Overpriced ma kineko chai averaging gare maile. Since I don’t need money any time soon. So baki chai hold nai garchu, fundamentally strong bhaeko le.
    Ali Ali kindai pani garchu ramro price ma ghateko haru chai.

  6. Should you hold or sell? That’s upto individual investors sentiments and economic situation. If you have borrowed heavily, then you are up the creek with out a paddle. If it’s money you can afford to lose, then hold on. If you have extra funds and feel bullish over the long term, then it’s opportunity to buy and average out your purchase price. Me – am holding on and going to buy when the time is right

  7. What goes up, must come down. Market rocketed up and doubled in approximately 20 months time. When it goes up like that even non performers with lousy balance sheets gets lifted up. So basically the party must end and investors realize that some shitty stock price is way up for no apparent economic reasons and starts to dump it to take profit and market starts to fall bringing down everything in its wake. Think of the present downward movement as market taking a breather.

  8. Bear Market bhanxa eslai . Adarsha daju le 20 ra 50 EMA crossover ko din ni bhannu bha thiyo . Tyo bhanda agadi ko corrective rise ma pani kasle ho Trap ko bhanera bhandai thiyo and obviously you guys downvoted him to oblivion . Interest rate double digit ma pugisakyo .

    HODL IS GOLD????????

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