Its share value is rising continually since a week or two. Even if it gives bonus, it’s just around 50 rs per unit. And still people are buying it in bulk. why?
It seems like the price will continue to increase next week.

More at: r/NepalStock by SforSherlock

  1. the trend and the money flow my friend…maybe there is some news inside and its getting priced in! thats all, trend is my friend! while almost all companies are trading above 3x of book value, NTC is the only company below 3x book value! balla bull aako cha ntc maa i guess

  2. I really don’t understand. When i bought NTC the EPS was around 105 and the price never went above 770.

    NTC in a nutshell: Business down(recently recovering), reserves stagnant, innovation down, cost extremely higher than NCELL in every aspect, extreme political and financial interference, extremely bureaucratic.

    The perspective that NTC will provide bonus have been for more than 10 years now. Don’t get me wrong dividends are extremely good more than 40+% every year. However one must consider that NTC’s holding is around 95% government of Nepal (rough estimation) and 5% general public. It is a major source of revenue for the Nepal Government in the form of cash dividends. It has huge reserves which it can utilize if necessary.

    If the government wants further capital, they may issue FPO at a premium rather than bonus.

    And as per a previous comment “yes” client’s of Naasa securities is cornering NTC and is in in pledge in banks but for how long god knows.

    for the price of 1600+ buying NTC, well it is upto the individual to decide.

    Saab ko bhalo hos
    Sabai le kamawos

  3. Exactly OP. Few days I posted this very question and I am yet to receive a good answer. Broker 58 (I think) is buying buying buying non stop. I think broker 58 has racked up millions of shares. The Info is there in plain sight. Just go to Market Depth and check past transactions for 58 and NTC

    There’s lots of rumors about inside info and about BONUS SHARES. What say you?

  4. 58 le uthako uthai gari raheko chha even when market is down. Not sure about bonus but I would definitely not buy NTC at this stage

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