What’s your view on kaka, arthasarokar and their gang trying to make negative influence on hydropower sector in NEPSE? These people themselves are more dangerous than insider trading, cornering and patru company they always complain about.

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  1. Chutiya ho kaka. AHPC ko right two phases ma aune news was there before it issued 50% right last time. UMHL need money for it’s new project which is estimated to need 50% of current paid up capital. RHPC clearly notified that it sold it’s RRHP holdings, so it’s eps can be speculated. Aba API needs money for upper chameliya that is 40% of current paid up capital jun aba aunxa, tyo ni insider hune bho. Tesarinai HIDCL if manages to auction off unsubscribed right eps 30-60 aune dekhya cha tyo ni insider ? These bastards were after UMRH, 600 dekhi started asking their followers to buy. Ani when asked why should we buy it, they would simply say hami esma chau, hamro stock ho ….

  2. The whole system is crooked. Starting from the broker system, news agencies, regulatory bodies, and these so called thula kheladis and their private lagani sanghs. They are creating a loop based on syndication. Benefitting from Each other. Every bull club here has their own bulletin boards, so does the bear club. An example. Chandra Dhakal was on the board of Nepse. His brother is still on the board of Hathaway investments where Ambika paudel is also director. Also Ambika paudel is in the same Forum where Chotelal Rauniyar is chairman. Now this forum has appointed TulsiRam Dhakal as the member of their forum who is the leading person of recent relay ansan team where Dipendra agrawal our own clubhose guru was preaching for protection of small investors. You see the loop here. There is no one regulating this conflict of interest. They will manipulate market as per their needs using insider infos and we can do nothing. I feel misery for kaka as he is not involved in this team. HAd he not whistleblowed ajod insurance case. Who knows he may be in the same team today.

  3. kaka too is shill trying to push shitty micros and banks. The micros he named was shit.

    AHPC already announced right in two phase a year ago. Same with API (their fb page did).
    public companies selling promoter stock is common and most of time it is published.

    some right like of NFS is already public and is in process in years.
    HIDCL selling almost 3karod common units of stocks. this alone adds almost 6-8arba profit.

    kaka gang is just butthurt. he is shitting since Baisakh and failed miserably.

  4. I used to listen to Kaka but no longer. He is a good analyst on the fundamental front in regards to hydro and microfinance but I started to get negative vibes from him. At one point, he sounded like a conspiracy theorist

    off-topic, I would recommend people to tune into clubhouse “Nepse chalfaal”.

  5. Worldwide corona ayera purai sansar nai lockdown huda ta market badhirako chha. SEBON le list nakalda pani market badhirakai chha, baburam le juwaghar bhanera pani 3 choti bull aisakyo, parliament dissolve huda ni 1 din matra ghatyo bazar, NRB ko 4/12 ko rule lai ni kwappai khayera nikalisakyo, 2-4 jana ko halla le garda market le afno direction gumaudaina bhanera history le bhanisakyo.

    Bull aune belama bull auchha, bear aune belama bear auchha.

    Kamaun jati kamaunu chha, euta ramro trader le jaile ni risk manage garekai hunchha. Risk manage nagareko manche harule chai aru lai dosh lagaudai hiddchhan.

  6. Yiniharu ko hun ani yiniharule gareko kartut ko link haru halnu na. Naam bhayepani huncha, baki ma aafai herchu.

  7. Script tokera media ma bolne manche haru thik lagdaina malai
    Btw yo manche , nirmal pradhan, ani brokers haruta known manipulators nai honi j boley pani
    Truth ko bich bich ma afno manipulatory talks chiraucha if you listen to them carefully

  8. Kheladi hun bro yini haru sab. Sabko hath ekarka sanga jodeko xa Dalal hos wa bibhinna group haru. Sab sanga info hunxa. Guarantee ka sath vanxu afno din ma ni insider trading garekai hun yini harule Pani. Sab 2 mukhe hun bro Nepal ma sablai afnai script badhos vanne xa. Euta interview ma banking kina badheko vanda “bank badheko xa ta JBBl Kati dherai badhyo maile JBBl kinya xu “, yestai kei vaneka thye JBBl ni pakkai Dalal haru bata ta badheko ho afai ta badhya hoina tei vanna agadi hydro ma Dalal harule bhau badhaye vandai complain garira thye…. Afu Lai man parne sector xai suun Aru xai guu sochne hola.

    JBBl Vanya thye ki LBBl Vanya thye birse Tara kun po euta Vanya thyo Budo le

  9. So reporting about insider trading is worse than insider trading??…This is the reason why insider trading is so widespread …People dont mind it if they are making profit off it…

  10. yiniharu matra hoina. social media club house ma scrip tokney sabhailai share banchit garaunu parcha trade garna

  11. Yiniharu le sabai bhanda badhi hydro batai kamae holan. Teibhaera bela bela ma price tala jharna lai natak manchan garchan.

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