Looking at the fundamentals of all the hydro they don’t seem to be doing great as other sectors. But the market growth just today was jaw dropping. Anybody who can explain what am i missing with it?

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  1. cornering by big bucks. bunch of promoter shares have unlocked during this period, which makes it more then perfect opportunity to inflate these stocks for the promoters. similarly, bunch of these hydros have promoter holdings in hydros whose promoter shares have unlocked or are to be in near future. and provisions made easy for right shares by nrb for hydros. if you’re keen on making money, YOLO finance and hydro stocks.

  2. Hydro le ni 17%, 20%,36%, etc. dividend deka chan ni. 2-4 wota bank bahek kun bank le dina sakcha yetro dividend. Hydro ko matra khedo khanera huncha…. Ramro hydro badhekachan, ti hydro badheko bela ma jhoor hydro ni badhechan. Hydro is bad, high risk…bhandai basyo bhane khub kamayao bank ko stocks matra kumlyaera.

    Stock market ma sable kamaauna aaka hun, risk liera huncha ki risk naliera…hydro ma risk lineharule kamayo..aru le kamaena

    Arko kura, yo hydro bubble ko kura garda kheri, hydro ko bubble( if there is any) futyo bhane sabai sector lai hancha….market nai pura down huna sakcha…hijo asto ko trend le testai dekhacha…

  3. The simple reason is that it’s a bull market. That is not to say Hydros havent benefitted from record low interest rates and NRB providing cheap refinancing facilities. If you think about it the biggest expense on a hydros book is the loan itself. But is this too high, yes, but so are so all the other stocks.

  4. WHY?….Hamile baccha mah bhanthiyo ni?..maybe because the sky is so high! Look If we only start pondering the answer for why then by the time you get your answers the great bull would have made its last great green candle. We are here to make money. Question you should be asking is HOW can I make money in HYDROS? If you trade with a good risk management, It’s a great sector in this bull. Look at where the market is where the money flow is not where your opinion might be, It doesn’t matter to the market. The market is NEUTRAL to everyone, yet you lose some you win some.

  5. >what am i missing

    Greed in the market. And, at this stage, it’s all greed because I don’t see any company be it a hydro or a bank generating enough profits to justify the investment at their current prices.

    Let’s compare two situations

    1. I have some stocks that pay me 4%-5% cash dividend annually (on investment, not on par value) and this is in a country where inflation is under 1% and bank interest is 0.5%.
    2. I have some stocks in Nepal that can pay me 3%-5% cash dividend (In Nepal, if companies give cash dividend it won’t be more than that e.g. Shivm, NTC etc) in a country where inflation is 6%-7% and bank interest 8%

    It just shows, as per my calucation, how swollen our stock exchange is. Not that other stock exchanges aren’t swollen. Market is bullish everywhere at the moment.

    Now, it’s a different issue altogether that should the companies be distributing cash dividend at all. However, the fact is that the stock market prices are rising more than the companies are actually growing in Nepal.

    I actually believe in this ex-governer who just said that Nepse’s natural index points are at 700!

    Last but not the least, I am greedy too but I am playing safe with low-risk stocks only. I wouldn’t touch hydros, finances at this stage. They are cornered, so big kheladis control demand and supply…. it has very little to do with companies’ financial health.

  6. Renewable energy stocks are hot commodity in global stock markets. Also, to keep a good PR a lot of big banks and institutions buy green energy stocks. So this sector has a very good potential in a growing economy like Nepal.
    Government le capital badhauna bhanya cha hydro lai, thats why they are giving good dividents and right shares. Long positions bhako investors lai Jati ramro bonus, teti attractice stock.
    Dherai hydro ko total no. Of shares thorai bhayera ali volatile cha. Aile MCC pass huni trending cha. Tei bhayera market ekdam volatile cha. Risk line harule esto market ma opportunity dekchan, bhane attinu pani thikai ho. Tyo tapaiko bichar.
    J bhayepani, we are still in a bullish market cycle. Nepse 2500 pugne, hydro crash hune … holan, tara aile hudena.
    Ani hydro ta chalne nai loan ma ho, fundamentals herda dherai minus minus dekhera attinu pardena.
    Yo chai mero bichar

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