I am a total newbie so I don’t know much and I wanted to know what causes the market to go up or down
All I know is if there is high stock demand the price will go up (idk if this is right or wrong)
Pls enlighten me

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  1. Big Players work.. Actually people are still profiting from selling.. Big players with high capital can easily have massive profit even in 4-5 rupees profit. right now.

  2. Supply and demand ekdum oversimplifed tarika le vanda kunai stock ko supply(sell) dherai xa vane price ghatxa ra demand (buy) dherai xa vane price goes up . There are various reason for influx of supply and demand

  3. 1. Bank running out of cash. More Money begin withdrawal then deposit.
    2. Because of 1, interest rate in deposit & loan will go up. Money is becoming expensive whereas commodity will be cheap.
    3. NRB making strict rule to bind big investor as pump & dump & market corning was increasing which can result in even bigger economic disaster.
    4. Profit booking and people selling share for festive season.
    5. Other sector shut down due to pandemic are reopening which is causing migration of money from share market to elsewhere
    6. Political drama, budget holding effect. It’ll take time to recover from that
    7. Finally, correction bound to happen. Market was bullish for too long so, it natural for bearish to come. Bull & Bear are like yin yang.

    So, don’t panic, buy slowly. Buy those company that are giving bonus, sell those who are bearing loss. Buy consistently. Don’t be too greedy & don’t be too afraid. Don’t dump cash all at once. Buy slow & steadily.

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