Assuming most of us here are young investors, most of our income is in the future. “A young investor invests very little in the stock market compared to when they’re old in terms of raw numbers. A typical investor has twenty or even fifty times more invested in stock in his late fifties or early sixties than he had invested in his late twenties.”

So, unless you’re old and close to retirement, you should be happy if the market tanks some more. It translates to more buying power.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. >What are your thoughts?

    It’s true. Hold is gold.

    (hold companies that have been growing and will continue to grow in the future too! And, invest only the money that you can live without. Every important. Or else panic will take over you!)

  2. Fact no. 1 – There is no one in this world who can perfectly time the market. Its like trying to catch the rainbow. Only time in the market and the POWER of COMPOUNDING in a good stock that will keep growing with efficient capital utilisation over atleast 10+ years will put you in a position to reap your fruits. Yes it takes time. My regret is not investing in my early 20s haha( despite my father pestering me) Best time to invest is when you are still young. Over 10 years time this timing the market is negligible its just 1-2 percent difference against back testing on perfect buys. So current down trend could be some minor market noise that you’ll probably laugh at down the line. So keep em till then and in 10 years time we can chat again lol. But if your are going to trade( short term) then yes dip would be a good bet.

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