I sold shares of about Rs64450 and the same day I called the broker to add the equivalent amount in my collateral but I got only Rs60000. So, I called the broker to know what happened to the remaining amount and they blabbered about ‘settlement’ or something related to it and also told me it was because of Commissions and capital gain tax but the shares I sold was in loss so I probably won’t have to pay capital gain tax. And I told them about it but in their defense they said they won’t know if I sold the shares in loss or in profit so they have to decrease a bit amount from the total amount and the remaining amount (60000) is all I get. So, is this normal are they scamming me?

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  1. Check your TMS transaction, get the detail report from broker ? they should send you the break down if they are ok brokers cant say for others .

    if your CGT is high then your profit is taken. is this ipo share you sold ? Basically profit a lot u need to pay a more taxes. (7.5% for short term)
    if u post your buy price ,no. shares and sold price . you can get the break down.

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