Absolute Beginner in secondary market and i wanna start investing i plan to start low and keep adding stocks is it right time to begin now or should i wait more?

i have around 55k collected from ipo and some personal savings. i wanna start investing now as it seems we are at low point rn . where should i get started and i am willing to take risk till my 55k dips to 40k or i will keep adding around 10k monthly if it seems good. which sector or specific share are best option for beginner? also how long before we start seeing progress to around 2500 2600? months or years ? is going from 3000 to 1900 normal or was it unexpected and would take some years to get to around 3k or this 3k to 1900 cycle happens now and then? sorry if it hurts your brain i didnt research much before posting here.

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  1. Invest 50% and keep on buying with 50% of remaining.

    For example – In case of 50K

    Investing 50% of 50K = 25000

    Investing 50% of 25K = 12500

    Investing 50% of 12500= 6250

    Invest and chill


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