Are Open Ended Mutual Funds better if bigger?

Hello Everyone,

Recently I got an email from the NIBL SAHABHAGITA FUND considering themselves that they are more bigger now with a pool of more money coming in every month and is the biggest in Nepal.

My question is, the bigger the MF is it the best one?

Is it not possible that the Fund Manager make mistakes while investing with the huge amounts?

Is it that the bigger the MF, the more good it would be?

Also, what are your thoughts on other Open Ended MFs?

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  1. First of all, NIBL SAHABHAGITA FUND is biggest Fund in Open Ended Mutual Fund. And yes, this fund is getting bigger every month.

    Secondly, bigger the Mutual Fund is not necessary the best one. It depends on Mutual Fund manager, how would they pick the securities for investment and how responsible are they with public money and trust. In the end, Mutual Funds are investing in tools like listed securities, debentures, fixed deposits etc..

    Thirdly, bigger the fund they can grab more opportunities from the market but necessary they can do well all the time. They need to beat the market to get good returns.

    Finally, Mutual funds are tools if you don’t want to invest directly in the securities and minimize market risk but that means you will get average returns. In my opinion NIBL SAHABHAGITA FUND, they are doing good job in this bear market. They are still holding good NAV 9.8 – 10.1 which is comparatively better than other Mutual Funds where they lost significant amount. You can buy them in discounted price in the market right now.

    These are my personal opinion. Please do the research before investing. Investment are subject to market risk.


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