Bagmati Province Unveils Rs 64.54 Billion Budget for Fiscal Year 2081/82

The Bagmati Province Government has announced a budget of Rs 64.54 billion for the fiscal year 2081/82. Economic Affairs and Planning Minister Jagannath Thapaliya presented the budget at the province assembly meeting on Saturday. The budget includes Rs 26.1 billion for current expenditure and Rs 36.93 billion for capital expenditure, reflecting an increase of Rs 1.83 billion compared to the current fiscal year’s budget.

Minister Thapaliya highlighted that Rs 1.5 billion is allocated for fiscal management. The budget is structured as follows: 40.44 percent for current expenditure, 55.23 percent for capital expenditure, and 2.32 percent for fiscal management.

Key priorities for the upcoming fiscal year include the education, healthcare, agriculture, and tourism sectors. Additionally, the province government has declared the upcoming fiscal year as the ‘Skill Year,’ aiming to enhance vocational training and skill development across the province.


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