Can a person who has been investing for more than decade earn 15lakhs per year from dividends only?


  1. If you have enough invested in good dividends giving stocks then yes you will earn 15 lakhs per year. Not just 15 you will earn even 50 lakhs per year but you will need so much invested for it.

    Short answer yes. how do you think warren buffet earns

  2. Let’s say you have 3 corore to invest. If you invest it in banks with 10% dividend annually, you might achieve that. Example, GBIME is at 190 which means 3 corore will give you about 150k+ shares. Assuming 10% return (looks possible looking at previous year returns), you will make your required amount.

    You can do even better with promoter shares but I am not too familiar with those and still learning so cannot give much detail.


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