Can you use Chatgpt in Nepse to make your life more easier?

So i was wondering if there was any way that the free version of Chatgpt 3.5 could be helpful in analyzing the stocks or indexes, both fundamentally or technically, if the data is given manually? could be copy and pasted from other websites? i think it can be done given you provide lots of data to it. and i also seems to know or can analyze during different strategies like Rsi, Macs crossover, and all or could even do fundamentals like Graham number, undervalue, pe and all or could even compare specifics like cash in hand, reserves. What are your experiences with using it to Screen certain stocks or ways you do it, so many questions comes to mind like inputting latest datas with Ltps, financials and all.

P.S this is coming from someone who doesn’t know how to code, i know some terminologies like api and all but thats that.

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