Cancel IPO quota for mutual funds


  1. MF le dherai paisa FD ma rakhna paudaina ani bank balance ni dherai rakhna paudaina. They are compelled to buy stock in secondary market. But it is true, they sell shitty company IPO in peak but someone has to do it right? Also, why people put buying order in it’s peak knowing the company is fundamentally weak?

  2. Chutiya haru le public lai khub chutiya banako cha.

    Bank ma FD ma paisa rakhchan aafno expenses uthauna.

    30 aarab ko bhaisakyo fund capacity. Staff lai jwai palejasari palerai public ko paisa swaaha parne bhaye

  3. Haina yo k kuro ho. Mutual funds in general allot their 60% of their amount in listed shares. They are big players in this game. Nepal ma dhanna promoters can’t sell their shares right away. Company KO float vako 50% share ma Pani kasto dar hau.

    Ani company ramro xa if people demand them then their price will go up . Yo IPO bata paisa kamaaune mentality nai naramro ho I reckon. Latest IPO ma Pani NRM KO 300% return vako xa , a company which is operating in loss . In the context of ILI it was issued at a premium price and it gave away 250% return as well.

    IPO bata Ghar aaudaina kya re. Yahi ho Ali Ali profit khaane basne.


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