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Introduction of Mero Share

The securities exchange of Nepal has taken extraordinary steps over the most recent couple of years. Financial backers will at this point don’t need to trust that hours will top off their offers and afterward stand by in line to get their cashback. Essentially, one doesn’t need to go to the offer recorder to get the authentication of reward and right and money profit.

For every one of these offices, you just need to spend Rs. 50 every year. You can do every one of these things from home by turning into a client of Mero Share. All you require to do to utilize the Mero Share include is make your email address and the recipient number of your Demat account.

‘Mero share’ is a product created by CDS and Clearing Limited (CDSC). Mero Share gives the office to the recipient to see the offer exchange data in your record on the web.

Advantages of Mero Share

Clients can get the accompanying advantages while utilizing the Mero share programming.

  1. View the individual subtleties of the recipient account holder
  2. View the subtleties of the stock in your record
  3. Subtleties of the real estimation of the stock in your record dependent available worth I. e see the portfolio
  4. View the subtleties of the exchanges in your record
  5. View the subtleties of the offers which are under guarantee in your record
  6. To Apply Online to buy the offers in the event of an essential issue (IPO/FPO) and right issue.
  7. To make a financial balance passage in the recipient account or to demand a vault member (DP) to change the ledger entered mistakenly.
  8. Effectively move the offers you have sold by going to the most helpful MY EDIS tab.
  9. To see the IPO consequence of the organization in which you have submitted the Application.

How To Use Mero Share Software?

  1. Clients who need to exploit Mero Share should go to their Depository Participants (DP) and should fill the Mero Share Form
  2. The Depository Participants (DP) opens every client’s Mero Share account dependent on the solicitation got from the client. Data about the client’s DP ID, login ID, secret word, and address to utilize Mero Share will be shipped off the email address of the concerned client.
  3. Mero Share can be utilized by tapping on the web address referenced alongside the data about Mero Share account got in your email or by opening the location in the web program.

How To Login Into Mero Share?

  1. Select the connection you got in your email‌ or open your PC’s Internet (Firefox or Chrome) and type in the location bar of that program and press Enter.
  2.  To login, go to the drop-down menu with “Select Your DP” as demonstrated in the image underneath and Select the storehouse members (DP) of your record.
  3. Type the last numbers after the zeros of your recipient account number to enter the Login ID. For instance if your recipient account number 13010200000093812 while the last eight digits are 00093812, utilize the number 93812 as your login ID.
  4. Type the secret word you got in your email and press the login button

How To Change Password In Mero Share Account?

You should change your secret word the first occasion when you sign in to Mero Share Account. All administrations accessible in Mero Share can be gotten to solely after changing the secret key.

After you sign into your Mero share represent the first occasion when, it says you to change your secret phrase first. Your ‘Old Password’ is the thing that you get in the email we examined before. You need to enter another secret word for the Mero Share Login.

After you change your secret key, your ‘Mero Share Dashboard’ shows up. The example picture of the Mero share dashboard is appeared in the table underneath:

How To Change Your Mero Share Password Anytime?

On the off chance that you wish to change your secret phrase of the mero share account whenever adhere to the directions underneath:

  1. Snap on your ‘Mero Share Profile’ in the upper right corner of your ‘ Mero Share Dashboard’ (Shown in the picture beneath featured with green)
  2. Snap on the ‘Change secret word’ as demonstrated by the blue shading confine the picture beneath.
  3. Type Your ‘Old Password’ and Your ‘New Password’
  4. Snap on the ‘Change Password’ Icon featured by red tone in the picture underneath:

How To View Personal Details Of A Beneficiary Account In Mero Share?

To see your own subtleties entered in your recipient account in the Mero Share, Select ‘My Details’ menu. The data appeared in ‘My Details’ are the authority subtleties entered in your recipient account. In the event that there is any complaint in the proclamation, quickly illuminate your storehouse members (DP) and right the individual subtleties.

How To View Your Share Balance In The Beneficiary Account Through Mero Share?

There are four kinds of equilibriums for every protections

Current Balance: The amount of the portions of each organization in the record

Current Balance = Pledge Balance+ Lockin Balance+ Freeze Balance+ Free Balance

  1. Promise Balance: Shares utilized as insurance out of the absolute offers in the record.
  2. Lockin Balance: Shares in Lock-in out of the all out shares in the record
  3. Freeze Balance: Shares hindered or frozen out of the all out shares in the record
  4. Free Balance: Shares that are not utilized as insurance or not in lock in or not impeded

Free Balance=Current Balance – Pledge Balance-Freeze Balance-Free Balance

How To View The Details Of Share Trading In Mero Share?

To see share charge or credit subtleties in your record, select the My Transaction History menu.

Offer to exchange subtleties can be seen based on the organization name or date of exchange.

On the off chance that we see exchange subtleties by date, we can see the exchanging subtleties for a limit of a quarter of a year at a time

To see the exchange history of the single organization, Click on the Script and select the organization you need to see.

Exchange History Datewise

Exchange History Companywise

How To View The Portfolio Of Shares In The Beneficiary Account Through MeroShare?

To see an arrangement of stocks in your record, select the My Portfolio menu in Mero Share. The arrangement of stocks in the record is determined based on the last exchanging cost of each organization’s stock.

How To View The Details Of The Share Pledge In The Beneficiary Account?

On the off chance that the stock in your record is sold, select the Report For Pledgor menu under the Pledge Share Details menu in my stock to see the home loan subtleties.

How To Request A DP To Update The Bank Account Details In The Beneficiary Account?

To get the money profit from the organization in the ledger, the recipient’s record should determine the client’s financial balance subtleties. The client ought to give his ledger subtleties to the DP to refresh the financial balance subtleties in his recipient account.

Here are the means you ought to follow to refresh the financial balance subtleties:

  1. To make your ledger subtleties accessible to your DP through Mero Share, utilize the My Bank Request menu.
  2. Select your bank from the rundown of banks accessible in the product and select the pertinent branch
  3. Pick your record type by composing your Bank Account Number in the space gave and click on Update Bank Details button

How To Transfer Shares Through Mero Share?

On the off chance that you have sold offers, you can undoubtedly move those offers through Mero Share. First snap on the My EDIS menu of the Mero Share Dashboard. The example figure underneath shows the way toward moving the sold offers through the Mero Share Software.

After you click My EDIS menu, select the Transfer Shares as featured in the green box in the example picture above. After you click on the Transfer shares, you will see the settlement data about the offer of your offers. Snap on Proceed Next to move your sold offers. The example picture beneath shows the interaction.

Expectation you loved the data with respect to the utilization of Mero Share Account. Don’t hesitate to share your perspectives in the remark segment.


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