Corporate Development Bank Limited Reports 33.08% Decrease in Q3 Net Profit

Corporate Development Bank Limited (CORBL) has recently unveiled its third-quarter fiscal report for the year 2080/81, indicating a notable 33.08% decrease in net profit compared to the same period last year. The bank’s financial performance reflects challenges amidst core business operations, raising concerns among investors and stakeholders.

Maintaining its financial stability, CORBL retains a total paid-up capital of Rs. 52.50 Crores, supported by reserves, retained earnings, and share premium totaling Rs. 17.54 Crores, Rs. 3.51 Crores, and Rs. 2.39 Crores, respectively. However, despite these strong fundamentals, the bank faces hurdles in achieving growth targets, as evidenced by the decrease in net profit.

Key operational metrics depict customer deposits amounting to Rs. 1.61 Arba and loans and advances reaching Rs. 1.10 Arba. Nonetheless, there’s a significant uptick of 68.49% in impairment charges, indicating potential credit quality challenges faced by the bank.

In terms of core business revenue, CORBL reports a 6.94% decrease in net interest income, totaling Rs. 6.58 Crores in the quarter. Additionally, personnel expenses have declined by 15.01%, while operating profit witnessed a substantial decrease of 33.08% to Rs. 1.24 Crores.

Financial metrics for the third quarter include an annualized EPS of Rs 2.22 and a net worth per share of Rs 144.67. These figures underscore the bank’s efforts to navigate through challenging market conditions while striving to maintain shareholder value.

Despite the decline in net profit, CORBL remains committed to its mission of providing reliable banking services and enhancing shareholder value. As the bank continues to address operational challenges, investors are keenly observing its strategic initiatives and performance trajectory in the coming quarters.


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