Dashain aayo,… khaula piula!

*In the world of stocks, where numbers climb and fall,*

*Amidst the tickers, we celebrate Dashain, one and all.*

*As bulls and bears dance in the market’s sway,*

*Let’s pause for a moment and wish for Happy Dashain days!*


*May your portfolio shine bright like gold,*

*And may your investments never grow old.*

*Just like the Goddess Durga, fierce and strong,*

*May your stocks rise and carry you along.*


*Amidst swings of the market and kites in the air,*

*May your gains be abundant, with little despair.*

*Like the festive feast, may your profits increase,*

*With blessings of Lakshmi, may your wealth never cease.*


*So, as the festive lights twinkle and gleam,*

*May your stocks be bullish, just like a dream.*

*Happy Dashain to you, with joy we say,*

*May the market and blessings come your way!*


Wishing all of the members of r/NepalStock a joyful Dashain filled with love, laughter, *dakshinas,* masu (or aalu or paneer whichever applies), *Tanelas, Trials,* and *Double runs*.

As we celebrate this festive season, let’s remember to embrace the joy without fretting over market fluctuations. May this Dashain be a time of relaxation and joyous moments with loved ones. Take a break, enjoy the festivities, and cherish the blessings that surround us. The market can wait, but these moments are precious and fleeting.

Happy Dashain 2080!

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