Devastating Fire at Bharat Furniture: A Costly Setback for the Industry

A devastating fire broke out at Bharat Furniture, located in Matihani-8 of the district, causing extensive damage estimated at over Rs 3.5 million. Owned by Dukhmochan Thakur, the furniture industry fell victim to the blaze, which ignited around 10:00 pm on Monday, as reported by the District Police Office, Mahottari. The inferno swiftly engulfed the premises, consuming furniture and raw materials stored within the establishment.

Efforts to combat the fire involved teams comprising the Armed Police Force, Nepal Police, and local residents, supported by a fire engine. Despite their collaborative endeavors, the true extent of the damage inflicted by the fire is currently under assessment, highlighting the substantial setback experienced by Bharat Furniture and its proprietor, Dukhmochan Thakur.


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