does anyone here live off dividends?


  1. There’s nothing equal to dividend aristocrats like there are in the us

    The people who do live off dividends are the ones who invested in certain companies super early in their business cycle. For eg my family had invested 1cr into a development bank years ago they gave bonus, right shares then merged with a aclass bank then more bonus and right. Now our wacc is below 30. And now if we get like just 5 10% cash it’s quite a lot for us.

    Aru companies ma Aile invest garne baye ta cash divided will always yeild less than what you get in FD. Principal Capital returns hope Garne ho nepse ma very little chance you can get good cash dividend enough to live off on.

    tldr to live off of dividends in Nepal you need to buy a company super early in it’s business cycle hope and pray it grows. Then after 10 to 15 years you can get enough.

  2. Aaja ko movement of share market herda you can invest half in good dividend stocks. Ghatyo vaney ni 1800 vanda tala aaudaina share market.

    Aadha amount FD ma, aadha amount dividend giving stocks ma.
    You can get commercial banks at around 200.


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