everything is illegal in Nepal ? cant common people in Nepal earn ?

i am a collage student in class 11 ani ajha i tried to do forex trade i have been watching videos and learning every thing there is to learn about forex and trading and have been practicing paper trading and all the strategy and i finally wanted to try it today with real money and i come to know that all the crypto and forex are banned ? i got to know the reasons also and i said no problem lets do it in share market and i come to know that shares you buy today will come in your account tomorrow evening ? lol . i would invest in share market tara i dont have budget i thought day trading garxu quick profit kamauxu like wtf man i am so fed up with this bs rules of nepal . parents lai kati magne paisa ik they have it tuff and sathi haru sanga jana bahnera paisa magna pani laj lagxa tesai le trading garxu bhaneko but man . i see all these kids in foreign living their life at young age doing trading and investing . iam so fed up

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