Ghalemdi Hydro Allots Right Shares, Subscription Reaches 70.75%

Ghalemdi Hydro Limited (GHL) recently allocated its right shares at a 1:2 ratio on the 25th of Poush. The shares were distributed to applicants, and those who did not receive an allotment will be refunded starting from the 29th of Poush, 2080.

During the period from the 10th of Mangsir to the 16th of Poush, 2080, the company issued 1,10,00,000 units of right shares. The book closure date for the rights offering was declared on Kartik 2, allowing investors holding shares before that day to apply for the additional shares.

Out of the total right shares, 77,82,276 shares were allocated to 28,121 valid applicants. However, 32,17,724 shares (29.25%) remained unclaimed by eligible investors. These remaining shares are set to be auctioned soon, open to the general public and institutions.



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