Gold Jumps Rs. 300/Tola, Silver Gains 15 Rupees in Price Surge

The price of gold has experienced a notable surge, increasing by Rs. 300 per tola compared to Monday’s trading price, as reported by the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association (FENEGOSIDA). Fine gold is currently being traded at Rs. 1,18,600 per tola, marking a Rs. 300 increment from the previous trading price of Rs. 1,18,300 per tola on Monday. Similarly, Tejabi gold is available today at Rs. 1,18,050 per tola, reflecting a Rs. 300 increase from Monday’s price of Rs. 1,17,750 per tola. This upward trend in gold prices underscores dynamic market conditions and economic factors influencing precious metal values in the region.



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