Gold Prices Drop by Rs. 1,000 in 3 Days in Nepal

Over the span of three days, the price of gold in Nepal has observed a notable decline, amounting to Rs. 1,000 per tola. The Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association (FENEGOSIDA) reports that the current trading rate for fine gold is Rs. 1,18,500 per tola. This marks a decrease of Rs. 100 from the previous day’s trading price of Rs. 1,18,600 per tola.

Similarly, Tejabi gold is currently priced at Rs. 1,17,950 per tola, reflecting a decline of Rs. 100 from the previous day’s rate of Rs. 1,18,050 per tola. The downward trend in gold prices indicates fluctuations in the precious metal market within a short timeframe.

Additionally, the price of silver has seen a decrease of Rs. 5 per tola. The current market rate for silver stands at Rs. 1,410 per tola, in contrast to the closing rate of Rs. 1,415 per tola recorded on the preceding day. These fluctuations in precious metal prices may be influenced by various market factors, including global economic conditions and demand-supply dynamics.


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