Group For Traders Like You, A Request To Mods

Hello Mod sir, Namaskar

I have seen a huge problem in nepse trading zone as the trader’s couldn’t interact with each others easily and share their analysis towards something or discuss over market

So I have created a group naming “TradersAdda” which is basically a trading Group where we don’t suggest to buy or sell something, basically it’s a community group chat for trader like us to interact with other traders

So make sure to not censor this post or better pin this post so new upcoming traders would get benefit from it. We will be only discussing our analysis there and sharing advices over analysis not over a trade

If you are nepse trader and is really fascinated to meet new traders and level up your analyze with traders friend join our group chat

And you can also suggest newbies who are new to nepse in our group.

Telegram Group name: tradersadda77

Feel free to join!

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