Guide me to the road of Investment !!

I’m a teen in just Grade 11 right now and I want to start investing some pennies that I have in my savings and down the line also save and invest. I do have a DEMAT account and bank account(got it from my father). But, I need suggestions as the market is down from what I’ve heard, I’m having a hard time trying to figure out which sector or which companies I should start with. Also, I won’t be needing money that I have invested anytime soon so are any undervalued companies I should know about? Suggestions/Recommendations will be highly appreciated 😀

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  1. Investing early is already a win. If you haven’t invested at all and plan to start, then starting through few IPOs will be best for first few months or year. So that you can utilize your time understanding stock market, basic of fundamental, value investing. And basics of technical analysis. These alone could not gurantee you success in stock market. The main thing is experience which you can get over the years through market rise and fall, you will understand the dynamic.

    Nowadays, IPO again is rarely allocated. My suggestion would be to start Systematic Investement Plan (SIP). We have few SIPs in Nepal. You could invest certain portion of your money regularly. Since you are starting early, compounding will play its role and you will appreciate your investing later in your life.

    Now, if you want to go one step ahead, you can invest in mutual funds as well. There are several closed mutual funds in Nepal. These are traded like equity. Gives cash dividend yearly. On an average, you could expect around 15% return from mutual funds.( Note: MF has certain charges)

    If you want to dive into the world of equity trading/investing in Nepal, you should first open broker account. If you are long term investor, try to analyze throughly, learning fundamental analysis will help you, reading annual reports, news, etc. If you want to trade, then learn technical analysis. ( I suggest avoid trading for first few years until you are confident enough on market. You could allocate certain portion for trading and start small if you want, once you achieve success and become confident of your trade increase the portion and so on).

    Don’t rush, take your time build you basic knowledge first and always have some rule and discipline in your life. Those who rush and try to gain lot on short time are often short lived in the journey of investing.

    I didn’t mention any stock because that will hinder your learning process. You learn first do your analysis and if you are confident on your analysis you don’t have to listen to others.

    Good luck, young man.

  2. You need Meroshare and crn no. You can get it from bank. And start with ipo. Just learn slowly you will leran along the way. There are many tips in this subreddit. You can follow that. Best wishes. Happy trading.


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