Hey guys, I applied for Sonapur IPO for 20 Kitta and on remark it says amount blocked. What does it mean. It’s my first time filling IPO. Do I have to contact bank?


  1. IPO ko barema xai kai vanina maile. Tara, tmle IPO apply garesi bank ley paisa hold garxa, tyo blocked vaneko xai tmro Rs 4751.6 bank ley hold garisako. Tmro account mai hunxa just teti paisa xai withdraw garna paudinau. If, IPO paro vane tyo Rs4751.6 bank ley katxa natra tyo hold(block) gardeko paisa release hunxa.

  2. On future IPO’s only apply for 10 kittas. Dherai jaso company haru ko IPO oversubscribed huncha so every person le 10 kitta paune ho max. Ani you might be dissapointed in this company tho. Loss lai ni profit dekhako xa vaneko xa yo company le so better sell the shares fast if you get alloted

  3. If allocated *THEN AND ONLY THEN* the amount will be deducted. If you are not allocated, the lock on the amount will be released, that’s all. The amount will not leave your account. You will still get interest on it.

  4. e sabai asba pranali marfak hudo rahechhan.

    (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount)

    (Similar to Good for Payment cheques and Collateral

    If you are allotted shares, the blocked amount will be deducted. If not, you will be refunded in full.

    If you applied for more shares than the allotted number, you will be charged only for the shares you were allotted, and the amount for the remaining shares will be released back to your account.

  5. It means the total amount for the number of shares has been earmarked for the issue in your bank. The amount will be withdrawn for the number of the shares that is actually issued to you and the rest is deposited back in to your account.


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