Himalayan Reinsurance Announces IPO for Nepalese Citizens Abroad, Aiming to Raise Rs. 61.8 Crores

Himalayan Reinsurance Limited has announced its plans to issue an Initial Public Offering (IPO) aimed at Nepalese citizens working abroad. The company intends to offer 30,00,000 unit shares, and the subscription period will be open from the 21st Kartik, concluding on the 5th Mangsir in the year 2080.

The total issued capital of the company stands at Rs. 10 Arba, out of which 30%, equivalent to 3,00,00,000 unit shares, will be made available to the public, including Nepalese citizens working abroad and the general public. Of this total issuance, 10% or 30,00,000 unit shares are specifically reserved for Nepalese citizens working abroad, with their subscription period commencing on the 21st Kartik.

Additionally, 2% of the offered shares, totaling 600,000 units, have been set aside for the company’s employees, while 5% or 15,00,000 units have been allocated for mutual funds. The remaining 2,49,00,000 units will be made accessible to the general public at a later date.

The shares are set to be issued at a price of Rs. 206 per share, which includes a premium of Rs. 106 per share on top of the Rs. 100 face value. This IPO offering is expected to raise Rs. 61.8 crores for the company.

NMB Capital Limited has been appointed as the issue manager for this IPO. Investors can apply for a minimum of 10 units and have the opportunity to subscribe to a maximum of 300,000 units.

Himalayan Reinsurance is the second reinsurance company in Nepal to issue an IPO. As a pioneering private-sector reinsurance firm, it specializes in providing reinsurance support to both Life and Non-Life Insurance Companies within Nepal and on an international scale. The company received its operational license in 2021.

Prominent promoters of Himalayan Reinsurance include leading business conglomerates in Nepal and significant financial institutions, such as Golchha Group, Shanker Group, Infinity Holdings, and others, along with two major government-owned banks: Nepal Bank Limited and Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited.

ICRA Nepal has reaffirmed Himalayan Reinsurance Limited with an issuer rating of [ICRANP-IR] A-. This rating reflects a reasonable degree of safety concerning the timely fulfillment of financial obligations, signifying low credit risk for investors.


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