Himalayan Times Media Entertainment and Tech Ltd Appoints Muktinath Capital for 7 Lakh IPO Shares Offering

Himalayan Times Media Entertainment and Tech Ltd (HTMETL) has designated Muktinath Capital as its sales manager for the initial public offering (IPO) of ordinary shares. The agreement between HTMETL and Muktinath Capital, formalized on January 9, outlines the issuance of 700,000 units of ordinary shares valued at Rs 70 million. Each share has a face value of Rs 100 and will be made available to the general public.

Established in 2001, The Himalayan Times (THT) is a well-established English-language newspaper that achieved an A+ rating, the highest possible rank, in the Press Council Nepal’s 2018 newspaper classification report. Within a year of its launch, THT became the leading English daily in Nepal and claimed the top position in readership. Renowned for its high-quality journalism and broad appeal, particularly among the younger demographic, THT is the largest-selling English broadsheet in Nepal. The newspaper is recognized for its comprehensive coverage, analysis, and opinions on various subjects such as news, politics, business, technology, culture, lifestyle, and more. THT upholds principles of responsible journalism, supporting freedom of expression and a free press while providing a platform for marginalized voices.

HTMETL, in addition to its media ventures, organizes prestigious events in Nepal, including TGIF Nepal Fashion Week, The Himalayan Times Brandfest, and The Himalayan Times International Food Festival, with plans for more events in the pipeline. Through its website, HTMETL reaches millions of readers each month, maintaining its position as the top English news site in Nepal.


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