How do you day trade in Nepse? And when do you pay the money?

Does the broker settle the amount themself if you sell a stock at 450 and buy at 440 and sell at 450 and buy at 440 again for 5 days? When do you pay the amount? Or do you tell the broker to cut the money from the sell amount 450 to pay for 440? Has anyone done this here?

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  1. There is no day trading in NEPSE currently. Mostly due to t+2 days settlement rule.
    Also, there is no short selling.

    if you buy at 440 and sell at 450 and again buy at 440. They will cut off the price and send you the rest which can be done via. TMS or you can call them. But your sold amount doesn’t show until t+2 in TMS.


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