how to start investing in young age.

I am student and I don’t have that much of capital but very enthusiastic toward learning and investing in share market.How can I start any one? I am very confused. So can anyone help me . If yes please help me to be more financially intelligent.

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  1. Start with the IPO’s don’t miss any of these , and start off with the banks. For eg :- you will get Sanima Bank at around 250 . Just collect the money and invest it when it’s red. It’s never too late to start. Best of luck and believe in compounding.

  2. Make a Trading account and start buying same share again and again. For example : start from Nabil Bank’s share. Save money buy 10 kitta first and then add more 10 kitta when you have more money and so on.

    This will help you know about market because you will constantly be looking on your purchase shares. Stepwise market analysis gardai janeyxau ani aru share haru kina parnea idea haru auxa.

    Ipo varera kam xaina parnea wala xaina tesaile invest on secondary. Ipo pani vardai best wishes.


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