Hydropower sector: What kind of stocks had maximum growth?

Well i did some study on hydro stocks. From 05/11/2023 to 25/01/2024. During the period Nepse had a max growth from 1829 to 2175 ~18%.

There was an average max growth (from absolute bottom to the peak) of 56% in hydro and the best performing stock was MHCL which grew 195% in 70days.

And here is the correlation coefficient:


So didnt get any strong correlations. EPS/PE has very little to do with anything. The onlything fundamental seemed to be no. of shares. So low cap=high growth. But at just -0.25 this is a extremely weak correlation.

Other two were also

1. low price (at bottom) compared to average low price=good
2. high previous high=bad. I thought this was a confounding bias. It has got to be because new stocks did well, old stocks have seen a bull market and have a very high prev. high.
3. so i did a 3rd one on date of listing. And found a weak positive correlation. So new stock=good


you can find me talk about it here [](

Note that this is just an observation on the current upswing. It doesnt include data from any previous upswings and as such doesnt necessarily mean the same characteristics are always good. This is not an investment advice. Do your own research.

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