if GCIL is so bad why are people buying the share?

Despite the prevailing negative perception of GCIL in the stock market, why is there a surge in buying activity on its opening day? Are these investors knowingly risking their funds, or is there another underlying reason for their actions?

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  1. Maile ni 540 ma bechera 516 tira kinya ho. Voli -ve sarkit lagyo vane, voli pani uthaune ho dui guna. Faida vaye vayo, navaye 1 year rakhne plan xa mero chahi. Thorai kitta ma risk liunata vanne soch ho mero chahi.

  2. Just because it is an IPO so there won’t be any loss that’s what the people’s mentality is and maybe in hope that they will acquire more profits they are buying it, few minutes ago I saw a post regarding it and had positive circuit. I’m no player of this thing yet some assumptions based on my learning. Do put some light If I’m wrong.


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